Hello world!

I love to go on vacation.  I love to go with my family.  Yes not just with my husband but with our 3 kids as well.  It’s just not the same with out them.  There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the excitement and thrills of vacation thru the eyes of your children.  Beyond that I love to have others come to; family, friends, anyone- its more fun with more people.

I also like to go as much as possible.  If I have it my way there is always a countdown to some where on my countdown app.

One of the ways we are able to make that possible is by driving.

Overwhelming for some but we embrace it.  We look at as extending the vacation by a few days.  And we are able to see the country.  The kids have been doing it since they were little, there have been rough times, but they are pretty good at it now.

We leave for Panama City Beach, Fl tomorrow.  Dance Nationals for my oldest daughter.  Unfortunately she isn’t dancing- broke her leg in March and not quite ready to compete.  But we will have a ton of fun watching out dance family and spending time with them there.

So here I will share how we do it what we do, for what is worth.  I hope you can take something – even just a laugh- from it