Vista Royalle Campground, Bancroft WI


Long weekends are the best for camping.  It’s always great to get an extra day. Even better when you can get there close to check in on arrival and there’s a late check out time. However they can be a little long with a broken leg. But broken legs don’t stop you from driving as long as you are able to caravan and your chair is ready for you once you are settled.




Vista Royalle is a fairly large, well groomed campground. It has just over 200 sites and a handful of cabins.  They offer both water and electric as well as full hook up sites and also have a group area. The trees perfectly outline the sites.  There are several sites that back up to the swimming pond.




There were two bathroom areas. One was located at the store and the other more centrally located in the campground.

The camp store is large with a variety of items you may have forgotten at home.   It also has a good selection of candy and 3 flavors of slushies. There is a snack shack near the pavilion.  It serves hand scooped and soft serve ice cream as well as a selection of hot food and snacks. They also sell wood- $6 a bundle, the bundles were decent size.

There is a swimming pond with a large sand beach and several inflatables for use.  It’s a great place to use the sand toys, catch some rays and cool off on a hot day. Next to the pond is a jumping pillow, large playground. Across from the store are mini golf, a gaga pit, horse shoe hits, shuffle board court, volleyball court.  There is also a fishing pond at the other end of the campground.




The campground offers scheduled activities.  The weekend we were there they had a Glow Run and silent auction with proceeds for charity, DJ’s, and a craft for the kids.  The DJ was great and played later than I expected on Saturday and Sunday night. And because he was loud no-one noticed how loud we can get!

Group dinner was fun as always.  We used the kabob grill and the dutch oven. We highly recommend fun ways to cook while camping.  The kabobs are a group effort, everyone brings the various food items and helps prep them. This year we had marinated chicken, steak, shrimp, hot dogs a variety of veggies, and Texas toast for garlic bread.  In the dutch oven we made French Onion Soup, topped with Muenster for lunch and apple croissants for dessert. It was the first time we have made soup in the dutch oven and won’t be the last! The soup was a last minute idea while we were at the grocery store in near by Plover, WI.  And it was a good one!




The free WIFI worked great. And yes, even though we are camping we still like to stay connected.




Camping with a broken leg is interesting.  Not much you can do but sit around, scoot to the lake and let others do all the hard work.  Sitting around is always a good time, especially when the kids join in. And when sitting around creates extra family bonding and memories it is even better.




Thankfully the RV is easy to level, we have an able teenage son- who is willing to help, and PBS came in very clear for the times that the leg needed to be elevated.  Found a great show to watch and a new way to make garlic bread over the fire!


Overall another great weekend at a great campground.  Lots of laughs with friends over wine and in front of the fire.  Even poured my Sunday morning screwdriver into a stemmed glass so I could use my wine hook




Want to see more of the campground?  Check out our 360 video here


Adults Only

Food and Wine Festival is one of our favorite vacations. We are heading back in 70 days with some adult friends and I am getting really excited!  Here’s my story on our first trip to Food and Wine and why we keep going back.


An adult only vacation

So a few weeks ago I turned 40.  Since it was a milestone birthday my loving husband graciously planned a vacation for me and him.  Yes you heard that right just the two of us, no kids.  The kids didn’t get it.  Mom and dad don’t go on vacations with out us.  They were in denial for some time.  But the day came, my parents arrived to our house bright and early and we headed to the airport without them.

That’s right too, we flew.  Sounded like a great idea when booking.  Just the two of us and rates weren’t to bad.  Flight times were ok…  Then the times changed on our flight down. So I had to spend a Sat night on hold with Delta for a half hour to get a better time (this was a blessing in disguise since this time was way better than the first.)  Then a month or so later the time changed on our return trip so repeat process.  Again blessing since I decided at that point to pick seats and got Delta Comfort + which may have been the only way I was able to get back on the plane on the way home- more leg room and free wine and beer.  I typically don’t mind flying but with all the turmoil in the world my anxiety was up.


So where did we go?, you ask.  Orlando, of course.  Specifically for the Epcot Food and Wine Festival.  We haven’t been to Epcot since our honeymoon in 2001.  Just hasn’t appealed to us with the kids.  The other parks seem to have more to offer our children.  But we have talked many times how we would love to tour the worlds when they are older.  Instead of waiting another 4-5 years until they would all be able to do their own thing this became the perfect time, a trip on our own and Food and Wine Festival- perfect!


Epcot Food and Wine Festival was amazing.  The lines at all the booths moved faster than I would have ever guessed.  The food and drink was wonderful (seriously didn’t have anything I didn’t like.) The variety was great. The weather was perfect.   The prices were reasonable.  My favorite was the tenderloin and Malbec from Patagonia and Scott’s was the filet from Canada.


Bonuses for getting to ride Test Track before the festival opened, a not so long line on the boat ride with the Three Caballeros in Mexico and the chance to see Captain EO before it closes later this year.

Plus we found Remy and Donald Duck.




Highly recommend attending this event.  Really there is nothing better than food and wine tasting at a Disney Park.  Hoping to go back next year.




What else do you do in Orlando without the kids?  Lots!  Disney Springs is a ton of fun as an adult.  We got to go to the new tavern Jock Lindsay’s Hangar Bar.  It was awesome, really really awesome. They decor was amazing, the drinks were great and the bartenders, Launchpad and Scooter, were fantastic. They even have domestic beer in aluminium bottles if you want to take it to go.  And we got to eat at restaurants there that the kids would not have picked.  The first night we ate at The Boathouse, right on the water, and then later in the trip at The House of Blues (where we learned some new information- if you get on the water taxi behind The House of Blues you can take a ride to the other end and get dropped off near The Rainforest- then walk back towards where you parked- or vice versa.)  We were also able to make it all the way through and able to look at all the stores with out the kids.  Normally we only get about 2/3 of the way before we have to turn back.

We sat by the pool.  I read a book and didn’t have to watch any kids swimming.  Don’t get me wrong I love to watch my kids having fun in the pool, but I also love to read in the sun.  We had drinks and lunch delivered to us pool side as well.  There was also a man made beach at the resort that we relaxed on. (Huge plus the Marriott refillable mug!  Love it.  Have to get one every time we go)


We took walks around the property.  We did not feed the alligators


We went to the mall.

We had dinner at the fancy restaurant, The Grille, at the golf course at the resort. It was amazing- easily my best meal on the entire trip.

We, peacefully, enjoyed coffee and breakfast, each morning on the patio of our suite which overlooked the golf course. Our suite at Marriott’s Grande Vista was a 1 bedroom with full kitchen and washer and dryer. We love having a kitchen to cook breakfast in and reheat leftovers for lunch.  Then we can eat dinner out and not feel like we are eating out all the time.

We did debate going to the Magic Kingdom.  I am still a little disappointed that we chose not to.  It would have been fun to take everything in as just the two of us.  To just do whatever rides we decided to do on a whim and not be super planned while there.  Not to mention to be able to see the park decorated for Christmas- but I guess that gives us a reason to go back during this time of year.

Adult only vacations are good every once in awhile.  They are a great time to reconnect and be together.  But family vacations are great too- and I can’t wait to go back with the kids