It’s Ours

It’s ours.  We have the keys in hand.  It’s parked in our driveway. We can officially walk in and out of it as many times as we want. We can finally decide how we want it organized and start filling it with our stuff.  Bonus we can get all of the stuff from the old camper out of the family room and basement.


Once we got it home the big question was where to put the pots and pans and where to put the garbage and broom. After a little thought and moving things around everything was put into a place (with a few cupboards and drawers still empty.)  Can’t promise it will stay where it currently is after the first couple trips but the great thing is there is a lot of room for error and switching where things are placed.

There is a ton of storage.  Really, I put everything away and still have several drawers and shelves that are empty.  This is great because of course we will need food shelves as well as cupboards to put our bags in out of the way when we are on the road.  If we sleep in the RV on our way to a destination we don’t want to have to sleep with our overnight bag or trip on it as we try to walk around at night.

The cab is great.  The seats are leather and very comfortable (but ask me again after a 20 hour drive to Florida.) The driver seat spins around to become part of the coach. There is a DVD player (only usable when parking brake is on), CD player, GPS, Pandora, Sirius XM Radio, 2 12 volt plugs, USB port, and an Aux port.  There are also several storage cubbies and cup holders.


It came with 2 12 volt TV’s and has a spot for a third (which we already added.) 2 additional stereos and a sub woofer for the main entertainment system.

One of my favorite features may be the cup holders.  There are 3 in the cab area, 3 behind the sofa, 2 built into the table and 2 in the over cab bunk.  When we rented the RV last year I remember well telling the kids to have a secure spot to put your drink so they would not have to worry about grabbing it quickly or having it slide across the table and spill.

6 sleeping spaces.  Queen size memory foam mattress in the main bedroom. Full size pull out couch and twin bunk in kids room.  Full size couch and full size table in main living area and queen size mattress above cab. That’s sleeping for 11.  There is a curtain to block off the over the cab bed, a folding door to separate the kids room from the living area and a sliding door to separate the kids room and main bedroom.  Separation and privacy is essential in a family of 5 with teenagers.


The master bedroom, as I mentioned has a memory foam queen size bed, 2 large windows , a large wardrobe, coat/hat hooks, 2 night stands with cubbies (one with an extra drawer), over head storage and 2 long closet type cupboards.  It also has an outlet and USB port IMG_3185on each side of the bed and under bed storage.




2 slides.  The living room and kitchen slides out as well as the wardrobe of the main bedroom and the bunkhouse.  It’s amazing how much extra room the slides provide, but yet  when they are in during the drive you still have plenty of room to move around and not be on top of each other.

USB ports.  In addition to the 12 volt ports for the TVs, in the main cab and 1 under the table, most, if not all, USB (8 of them- 4 above the couch- accessible to the living area and overhead bed and 2 on each side of the main bedroom bed- there is 1 additional in the cab that I have not tested) work on battery – no 110 volt electricity or generator needed.  They are conveniently located as well.  This will be beyond beneficial when 8 people need to charge there phones at the same time.

Even the outside of the RV is sweet.  8 storage compartments- even that all the camping stuff has its own place and most of it wont have to be moved for non camping travels.  There is also a larger compartment in the back that will be great for suitcases when going on longer trips and more is packed, then when going camping it can be used for the camp kitchen, outdoor stove, EZ Up tent and larger camp site items. There is a water filtration system, outside shower, rechargeable dyson vacuum, outside cable hook up, outlets, and speakers, and an automatic awning. It is equipped with the arctic package as well so we can use the water tanks all year.

Camera’s.  There is a back up camera with the ability to hear from the outside so you can hear your spotter say stop or whatever else it is the may be trying to say about you.  Two side cameras, one on each side, so you can see whats going on next to you- these also turn on when using your blinker to change lanes.

Automatic. Pretty much everything can be done with the push of a button.  Both slides are automatic and we had auto leveling jacks added so we can stabilize the unit easily upon pulling into any site. Look forward to leveling it at a campground this summer drink in hand- watching everyone else level their manual jacks.

The kitchen table is on a slide bracket and easily slides down when ready to use as a bed.  The bench behind the passenger seat moves to give the passenger seat more adjusting room. The under bench storage is onCloud content-0364162E-1458426606000 a slide out drawer- which is great because you can easily access it at any time no having to move questions and lift the board to get at it. There are even 2 LATCH hooks so you can securely install car seats for young children.



Love that there is room for everyone.  With three kids who you have completely different interests it will be a bonus that they can each watch TV in their own area not bothering the other.  And we can listen to the radio while they are doing this and not disturb them.  Of course this means not only will I not get to see the movie but I won’t hear them anymore either.

Can’t wait to head off on our first adventure.  The RV is loaded with essentials, just have to add everyone’s suitcases and personal bags.  The count down is on! And if you are wondering no I still haven’t driven it- I’ll put that on the bucket list for this summer.