Summer’s unofficialy over

For me there is nothing more depressing than the end of summer.  Because of this I don’t like Labor Day. The kids go back to school. Bedtimes get earlier. Weekends are no longer available for sitting on the patio all day, instead they are filled with dance practice, football games, and homework. Don’t get me wrong I love all of that stuff but it also means that winter, snow and cold are right around the corner- and that I do not love- at all.


I do, however, enjoy the long weekend that comes with Labor Day and the time we get to spend with family and friends.  This year we packed up the camper and headed north to Chute Pond Campground with 7 other families.  There was lots of kids and conversation, some rain, biking, swimming, fishing and grilling.  It was a great weekend with many hikes to slippery rock and the beach. The kids got along great and there was always something for them to do.


Even the pouring rain on Sunday night didn’t scare us away.  We just made the fire bigger and pulled our chairs closer under the canopy.

But Monday had to come and we had to pack up- even tho most of our stuff was still soggy.  The camping/ cottage season is done for many, but I have heard that fall is a great time for campgrounds.  I’m not ready for the winter hibernation to start.  There’s nothing wrong with swimming in Sept, sitting on the patio, or pulling the trailer up north for one more weekend. We are going to do whatever we can still fit in, around the crazy schedules that come with a family of 5.

Summer doesn’t officially end for another few weeks.  And September can be warmer than June so for now that’s what I will think about.