Why we upgraded AGAIN


Last summer after we took our annual family camping trip we decided that we had outgrown the $500 pop up we had been using for the last 5 years.  It worked ok when the kids were smaller, didn’t each need 2 bags of clothes a bag of shoes, toy bags, electronic devices, portable DVD players, countless numbers of DVDs and a bathroom bag.  Oh and don’t forget the friend they want to bring and all of the friends stuff. We purchased a 25′ travel trailer with a queen bed in the main bedroom, 2 full size bunks, a couch and table that both converted into beds and best of all a bathroom.  With the new camper camping sounded fun again and we ended up going 5 times between the end of July and October.


Its a great camper.  Double bunks for the kids, a bedroom for us, a bathroom with a decent size tub and shower, lots of cupboards and light weight. Bu again the thinking starts.  If we are going to go that much should we have gotten someting bigger?  The 30′ travel trailer with the bunkhouse would give the kids more space and we wouldn’t have to use the couch or table as a bed on a regular basis, and its almost like a bedroom- all their stuff could be back there out of site. The island in the kitchen would be awesome.  What about slides to make the living area bigger and the outdoor kitchen, how cool is that. What about an RV???

We ended up with a 31′ Sunseeker 3170DSF Class C Motorhome, and here are 12 reasons why:

  1. A travel trailer is less expensive BUT we would need a new truck too- which is why we went with the 25′ trailer to start with.  We needed to stay under the tow rating of our Suburban or buy a new truck.
  2. If we buy an RV we can use it to drive on other vacations like when we go to Florida over Spring Break
  3. We wont need to stress about getting hotels when we drive on vacation.  When we are ready to stop we can just find a overnight parking spot and sleep. We will save money on hotel rooms that we only sleep in.  We can also save money on food since we have more room to pack it, a fridge to use instead of a cooler and more areas to eat comfortably.
  4. Plenty of room for the kids, the dog, their stuff and friends.  The Sunseeker 3170DSF has a kids bunk room.  It has a single top bunk that can be stored flipped up, a couch that converts into a bed and an entertainment center.  Everyone has there own space or room while we travel (this is huge with 3 kids who have completely different interests.)
  5. This specific RV has the beds.  The bunk house area is what got us thinking about the upgrade to begin with.  Yes the Jack Knife couch is easy to put up and down- but then there’s the sheets and the blankets that need to be used, so lets be honest unless it was raining it just got left down as a bed.  With the bunkhouse room we wont have to use the dinette or the couch as beds unless we have extra people staying with us (Even if the older 2 kids have friends with they can still just use the over over cab bed or the couch bed in the bunk area both have room for 2 to sleep on). Plus the master bedroom has a Queen bed and a wardrobe as well as two closets on each side of the bed and there is a twin bed in the bunk house over the couch.  Everyone has a spot.
  6. The bunkhouse room itself.  Also referred to as the kids room.  Equipped with a couch, TV and an entertainment center.  It will come in very handy not only during the drive but during the rain while camping.  The kids can watch their own movie or hook up a video game console – close the door and not bother the adults
  7. Towing ability. Since the RV can be used as the vehicle we will be able to tow things like the Jeep to Moab, the ATVs to a campground on the trails or a boat to one that is on a full wake lake.  With the travel trailer we were pullong the trailer itself, if we wanted to bring other toys we needed a second car.
  8. Use for other events like taking a group to tailgate at the Packer or Brewer game or on a tour of the area wineries.
  9. Seat belts for 9.  That means more than just our family can comfortable ride with us.  When we go camping the kids could all bring a friend.  When we go on longer trips another family could ride with us.
  10. Class C over Class A- totally personal preference.  I just don’t love the huge size of the class A.  I think they look like a bus and I don’t want to ride to Florida in a bus.  Thankfully that works well because I think that’s what my brother in law wants.  Since we want similar interior layouts we can have different RV’s.
  11. 12 Volt TV’s that can be watched while driving
  12. It will be like having my home away from home when I finally get to stay on Disney property at Fort Wilderness Campground (yes it is already booked)

Now we just have to wait til we can pick it up and use it…

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