Why we upgraded AGAIN


Last summer after we took our annual family camping trip we decided that we had outgrown the $500 pop up we had been using for the last 5 years.  It worked ok when the kids were smaller, didn’t each need 2 bags of clothes a bag of shoes, toy bags, electronic devices, portable DVD players, countless numbers of DVDs and a bathroom bag.  Oh and don’t forget the friend they want to bring and all of the friends stuff. We purchased a 25′ travel trailer with a queen bed in the main bedroom, 2 full size bunks, a couch and table that both converted into beds and best of all a bathroom.  With the new camper camping sounded fun again and we ended up going 5 times between the end of July and October.


Its a great camper.  Double bunks for the kids, a bedroom for us, a bathroom with a decent size tub and shower, lots of cupboards and light weight. Bu again the thinking starts.  If we are going to go that much should we have gotten someting bigger?  The 30′ travel trailer with the bunkhouse would give the kids more space and we wouldn’t have to use the couch or table as a bed on a regular basis, and its almost like a bedroom- all their stuff could be back there out of site. The island in the kitchen would be awesome.  What about slides to make the living area bigger and the outdoor kitchen, how cool is that. What about an RV???

We ended up with a 31′ Sunseeker 3170DSF Class C Motorhome, and here are 12 reasons why:

  1. A travel trailer is less expensive BUT we would need a new truck too- which is why we went with the 25′ trailer to start with.  We needed to stay under the tow rating of our Suburban or buy a new truck.
  2. If we buy an RV we can use it to drive on other vacations like when we go to Florida over Spring Break
  3. We wont need to stress about getting hotels when we drive on vacation.  When we are ready to stop we can just find a overnight parking spot and sleep. We will save money on hotel rooms that we only sleep in.  We can also save money on food since we have more room to pack it, a fridge to use instead of a cooler and more areas to eat comfortably.
  4. Plenty of room for the kids, the dog, their stuff and friends.  The Sunseeker 3170DSF has a kids bunk room.  It has a single top bunk that can be stored flipped up, a couch that converts into a bed and an entertainment center.  Everyone has there own space or room while we travel (this is huge with 3 kids who have completely different interests.)
  5. This specific RV has the beds.  The bunk house area is what got us thinking about the upgrade to begin with.  Yes the Jack Knife couch is easy to put up and down- but then there’s the sheets and the blankets that need to be used, so lets be honest unless it was raining it just got left down as a bed.  With the bunkhouse room we wont have to use the dinette or the couch as beds unless we have extra people staying with us (Even if the older 2 kids have friends with they can still just use the over over cab bed or the couch bed in the bunk area both have room for 2 to sleep on). Plus the master bedroom has a Queen bed and a wardrobe as well as two closets on each side of the bed and there is a twin bed in the bunk house over the couch.  Everyone has a spot.
  6. The bunkhouse room itself.  Also referred to as the kids room.  Equipped with a couch, TV and an entertainment center.  It will come in very handy not only during the drive but during the rain while camping.  The kids can watch their own movie or hook up a video game console – close the door and not bother the adults
  7. Towing ability. Since the RV can be used as the vehicle we will be able to tow things like the Jeep to Moab, the ATVs to a campground on the trails or a boat to one that is on a full wake lake.  With the travel trailer we were pullong the trailer itself, if we wanted to bring other toys we needed a second car.
  8. Use for other events like taking a group to tailgate at the Packer or Brewer game or on a tour of the area wineries.
  9. Seat belts for 9.  That means more than just our family can comfortable ride with us.  When we go camping the kids could all bring a friend.  When we go on longer trips another family could ride with us.
  10. Class C over Class A- totally personal preference.  I just don’t love the huge size of the class A.  I think they look like a bus and I don’t want to ride to Florida in a bus.  Thankfully that works well because I think that’s what my brother in law wants.  Since we want similar interior layouts we can have different RV’s.
  11. 12 Volt TV’s that can be watched while driving
  12. It will be like having my home away from home when I finally get to stay on Disney property at Fort Wilderness Campground (yes it is already booked)

Now we just have to wait til we can pick it up and use it…

ways to make the drive bareable

When I woke up on Dec 28 we still had not had any sort of accumulating snow for the year. To me this is great.  I am not a fan of winter.  I don’t ski or go sledding and I don’t mind mild weather for Christmas.  Yes snow on the trees is pretty for a day or two, but my life would be fine without it.

When I woke up on Dec 29 we had just under 13.5 inches.  Seriously overnight we had 2 months worth of snow (and not even a snow day for the kids since we are on Christmas Break.)

Mostly this much snow just makes me wish the vacation countdown would move faster and it gets me longing for that 20+ hour drive to the fun and sun.

People ask all the time how and why we drive.  The why is easy.  With a family of 5 the cost savings can pay for the vacation itself.  Just for kicks I just looked up prices to Orlando on Expedia.  The lowest price flight is currently $610 with an o.k. departure time but not arriving til 530 PM (we have now missed half of the first day of vacation) and we would have to leave Orlando at 9 am (that doesn’t work well with a teenager) AND a layover in Chicago- I am not a huge fan of O’hare and do whatever I can to avoid- which for 2 plane tickets is worth paying more but for 5- YIKES.  I wont even start on it not being my choice airline… Anyway at 610 times 5 passengers we are at a total travel cost of $3051.  The last time we drove my Suburban (July 2014)  gas prices were an average of $3.40 per gallon.  We spent an actual dollar amount of $693.44.  We spend an average of $115 a night on hotels.  The drive is completely doable with only one stop which would be $230 total.  That’s a total of $923.44 travel for a savings of $ 2127.56.  Gas prices are lower now and we have a mini van that gets better gas mileage so we potentially should save even more.

Yes if we would have booked flights further out they probably would have been cheaper.

Scott and I also enjoy the quality time we have together.  Time to talk and catch up on life.  Play the alphabet game, look for state licence plates, see the country.

But the bigger question is probably how.  How do you do it with 3 kids.

  1. Be prepared.  Have snacks and drinks.  Games, activities, movies, headphones, books, pillows, blankets.  Make sure DVD players and handheld games are charged and that you bring the chargers.  Headphones for everyone- may be the single most important thing you pack.  Do your best to make them easy to get to.
  2. Snack and drinks should be handy.  Snack size bags and individual portions.  It’s nice to have some healthy options as well. Eating on the road can grow old fast.  By the time vacation is done you wont even want to look at fast food so pack some healthier options to alternate with the easy options.  I think to have veggies and dip, fruit, sausage and cheese salsa and guacamole all packed in individual containers  A small cooler with drinks that can be easily opened is great too.
  3. Be willing to make stops.  Kids are kids they will need to use the restroom, and probably at different times.  Stop at rest areas- typically a faster stop- but also a great place to burn some energy. Take advantage of gas station stops.  Everyone uses the restroom whether they need to or not.  Also let the kids get a snack (or slushie) once in awhile.
  4. Bring along paper towel, wipes and hand sanitizer.  There will be spills and messes. Even my neat teenager spills on herself.  Hand sanitizer is great for that gas station that you normally would not have stopped at but the crying 8 year old couldn’t wait any longer so you had no choice to stop at.  There is always one and it’s nice to have in the car to use once you have washed your hands and still don’t feel clean.
  5. Take an alternate route. We have tried this a couple times.  It changes the scenery and allows you to see more of the country and some times discover things you would not have seen before, but we typically prefer our normal route and knowing the stops we can make.

    The Atlanta Motor Speedway – on an alternate route to avoid traffic
  6. Take the time you need.  If you don’t think you can drive for 19 hours (with your stops) don’t.  Those last few hours could be horrible.  If you only want to stop one night figure out your half way point and if you get farther than that great.  Or figure out what time you want to get to your destination and go from there.  If you have an extra day plan a stop along the way.  If we only stop one night we like to head out at 4 or 5 am and drive until 11 pm or 12 am.  It’s a ridiculous long day but once the kids are asleep it seems to get easier for us again. This is definitely not for everyone.
  7. Don’t set your expectations to high. Siblings will fight.  They will not pass things back to the other.  They will also get along surprisingly well.  Then they will gang up on each other.  Then it will happen all over again. They will also need you to hand them millions of things-just expect that.
  8. If you do stop at night try to give yourself some time to relax.  Put the kids to bed and spend a few minutes unwinding.  We have spent many nights in the hallway outside the hotel room doing this.  Even if its only a short time it really helps us. Pick a hotel with a good continental breakfast if possible.  A good free start to the day always helps.20150621_122323909_iOS
  9. Expect delays.  There is something to be said about being planned and knowing you have a hotel to stop at for the night, especially during high travel times.  But every time I do this we have a huge traffic delay that puts us 2 hours behind and we end up driving longer than we like because we are passed our cancellation window.  For this reason we like to pick our destination and book a room about 2 hours before we are ready to stop.
  10. Take lots of fun pictures along the way.
  11.  Enjoy your time as a family.  That’s what vacation is about.


An adult only vacation

So a few weeks ago I turned 40.  Since it was a milestone birthday my loving husband graciously planned a vacation for me and him.  Yes you heard that right just the two of us, no kids.  The kids didn’t get it.  Mom and dad don’t go on vacations with out us.  They were in denial for some time.  But the day came, my parents arrived to our house bright and early and we headed to the airport without them.

That’s right too, we flew.  Sounded like a great idea when booking.  Just the two of us and rates weren’t to bad.  Flight times were ok…  Then the times changed on our flight down. So I had to spend a Sat night on hold with Delta for a half hour to get a better time (this was a blessing in disguise since this time was way better than the first.)  Then a month or so later the time changed on our return trip so repeat process.  Again blessing since I decided at that point to pick seats and got Delta Comfort + which may have been the only way I was able to get back on the plane on the way home- more leg room and free wine and beer.  I typically don’t mind flying but with all the turmoil in the world my anxiety was up.


So where did we go?, you ask.  Orlando, of course.  Specifically for the Epcot Food and Wine Festival.  We haven’t been to Epcot since our honeymoon in 2001.  Just hasn’t appealed to us with the kids.  The other parks seem to have more to offer our children.  But we have talked many times how we would love to tour the worlds when they are older.  Instead of waiting another 4-5 years until they would all be able to do their own thing this became the perfect time, a trip on our own and Food and Wine Festival- perfect!


Epcot Food and Wine Festival was amazing.  The lines at all the booths moved faster than I would have ever guessed.  The food and drink was wonderful (seriously didn’t have anything I didn’t like.) The variety was great. The weather was perfect.   The prices were reasonable.  My favorite was the tenderloin and Malbec from Patagonia and Scott’s was the filet from Canada.


Bonuses for getting to ride Test Track before the festival opened, a not so long line on the boat ride with the Three Caballeros in Mexico and the chance to see Captain EO before it closes later this year.

Plus we found Remy and Donald Duck.




Highly recommend attending this event.  Really there is nothing better than food and wine tasting at a Disney Park.  Hoping to go back next year.


What else do you do in Orlando without the kids?  Lots!  Disney Springs is a ton of fun as an adult.  We got to go to the new tavern Jock Lindsay’s Hangar Bar.  It was awesome, really really awesome. They decor was amazing, the drinks were great and the bartenders, Launchpad and Scooter, were fantastic. They even have domestic beer in aluminium bottles if you want to take it to go.  And we got to eat at restaurants there that the kids would not have picked.  The first night we ate at The Boathouse, right on the water, and then later in the trip at The House of Blues (where we learned some new information- if you get on the water taxi behind The House of Blues you can take a ride to the other end and get dropped off near The Rainforest- then walk back towards where you parked- or vice versa.)  We were also able to make it all the way through and able to look at all the stores with out the kids.  Normally we only get about 2/3 of the way before we have to turn back.

We sat by the pool.  I read a book and didn’t have to watch any kids swimming.  Don’t get me wrong I love to watch my kids having fun in the pool, but I also love to read in the sun.  We had drinks and lunch delivered to us pool side as well.  There was also a man made beach at the resort that we relaxed on. (Huge plus the Marriott refillable mug!  Love it.  Have to get one every time we go)


We took walks around the property.  We did not feed the alligators


We went to the mall.

We had dinner at the fancy restaurant, The Grille, at the golf course at the resort. It was amazing- easily my best meal on the entire trip.

We, peacefully, enjoyed coffee and breakfast, each morning on the patio of our suite which overlooked the golf course. Our suite at Marriott’s Grande Vista  http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/mcogv-marriotts-grande-vista/ was a 1 bedroom with full kitchen and washer and dryer. We love having a kitchen to cook breakfast in and reheat leftovers for lunch.  Then we can eat dinner out and not feel like we are eating out all the time.

We did debate going to the Magic Kingdom.  I am still a little disappointed that we chose not to.  It would have been fun to take everything in as just the two of us.  To just do whatever rides we decided to do on a whim and not be super planned while there.  Not to mention to be able to see the park decorated for Christmas- but I guess that gives us a reason to go back during this time of year.

Adult only vacations are good every once in awhile.  They are a great time to reconnect and be together.  But family vacations are great too- and I can’t wait to go back with the kids

Cold Weather Camping

Do you pack up all your camping gear right after Labor Day and put it away til next season starts? Or do you bear the elements, hoping for that last unseasonably warm fall weekend?  Hoping to see the leaves change colors, fall to the ground and extend the vacation season as long as possible.

Two weekends ago we had temps in the low 70’s.  It was fabulous outside.  We had dance pictures on both days of the weekend so we weren’t able to go away anywhere.  2 of the 5 of us did walk to church.

This past weekend highs were in the upper 40’s.  Yet we decided that it would be a good idea to take one last trip before winterizing.  So we set out with some family friends and headed to Door County.  Egg Harbor to be exact.  We parked for the weekend at Frontier Wilderness Campground http://www.frontierwildernesscampground.com, which we chose because of the indoor pool they offer.  Yes an indoor pool at a campground.  How awesome is that, right. When booking a month ago I figured it could be the savior of a mid October weekend. We also figured we would spend plenty of money on wood, keeping the fire roaring most of the time.



The sun was out on Saturday so it was pleasant, but the best advice I can give you for camping in October is to pack winter coats, hats and gloves and to test the furnace in the camper.  It was the first time we used the furnace and it was lovely being able to come inside to warmth.  Another bonus was being able to take a hot shower in the camper and not having to walk back from the shower house (which on a side note was one of the nicest I have ever seen) in the cold. Even during the day with the sun out I had a heavy sweatshirt and vest on.  Once the sun went down it was a jacket and hat and boots. But despite the temps we were able to mini golf (which was free this weekend!), play on the playground (which our site was right across from- so convenient), use the activity center- which included arcade games, a pool table and free wifi, swam in the pool and hung out by the fire. The kids also watched movies and played a few games in the camper- but they were still hanging out as a family- even if they weren’t outside. Oh and how could I forget- get hand scooped ice cream from the camp store.  Yes despite the cold weather the kids always need their ice cream.


Our friends even tried out their new dutch oven.  We also planned to cook in ours but life happened and we cooked burgers and brats on the grill.  The grill that started into flames which we were afraid wouldn’t burn out.  The grill that ended up in the garbage.  Dutch oven would have been a better choice. We did get to use our new grill basket for some late night cooking though.  Nothing like a hot snack on a cold night.



Since we were in Door County we did make a pit stop at Door Peninsula Winery https://store.dcwine.com on the way home.  Bought a bottle of vodka from the distillery for Bloody Mary’s and some old fashioned candy sticks for the kids.  Can never go wrong with old fashioned candy. Didn’t do any tastings this time because it was crazy busy.  Door County is always busy in fall but especially so when the home Packer game is at 3 PM giving all the fans extra time to do other things in the morning.

Would I recommend camping in the fall?  Yes.  Even if its cold?  Yes.  Of course I will always pray for it to be one of for those random warm weekends.  But the weather isn’t going to keep me home.  We have plenty of time for trapping ourselves inside the house in the real winter months of November, December, January and February.  And we can head south for a spring break in March.  Outside in October isn’t really anything to be afraid of.  With the proper gear it’s a great time to enjoy the outside (and as a bonus you use less ice keeping your drinks cold 🙂 )

Summer’s unofficialy over

For me there is nothing more depressing than the end of summer.  Because of this I don’t like Labor Day. The kids go back to school. Bedtimes get earlier. Weekends are no longer available for sitting on the patio all day, instead they are filled with dance practice, football games, and homework. Don’t get me wrong I love all of that stuff but it also means that winter, snow and cold are right around the corner- and that I do not love- at all.


I do, however, enjoy the long weekend that comes with Labor Day and the time we get to spend with family and friends.  This year we packed up the camper and headed north to Chute Pond Campground with 7 other families.  There was lots of kids and conversation, some rain, biking, swimming, fishing and grilling.  It was a great weekend with many hikes to slippery rock and the beach. The kids got along great and there was always something for them to do.


Even the pouring rain on Sunday night didn’t scare us away.  We just made the fire bigger and pulled our chairs closer under the canopy.

But Monday had to come and we had to pack up- even tho most of our stuff was still soggy.  The camping/ cottage season is done for many, but I have heard that fall is a great time for campgrounds.  I’m not ready for the winter hibernation to start.  There’s nothing wrong with swimming in Sept, sitting on the patio, or pulling the trailer up north for one more weekend. We are going to do whatever we can still fit in, around the crazy schedules that come with a family of 5.

Summer doesn’t officially end for another few weeks.  And September can be warmer than June so for now that’s what I will think about.



We talked about it and we did it.  We upgraded from the 1970 something pop up to a 2016 travel trailer.


And of course once we brought it home we couldn’t wait to take it out for a weekend.  So we packed it up (and have a list now of all the things we need to add to it) and headed west to Shawano County Park. Neither one of us had ever camped there before.  We needed 2 sites but since we booked it about a week and a half before we went we weren’t able to get them next to each other.  That was kind of annoying but definitely understandable. We only had 2 sites between us so it wasn’t the end of the world either.  The sites were pretty big and didn’t have a lot of trees (which is both good and bad.)  And they had both water and electric hook ups.  They were a short walk to the lake (about 450 steps- yes I counted) so going back for things we forgot wasn’t too bad.

There was a nice sand beach at the lake .  It was busy but not as crowded as expected.  There is a newer playground for the kids, lots a picnic tables and trees for relaxing under.  There is also a snack bar that serves hot food as well as both hand-scooped and soft serve ice cream and treats.

It was great to have the kids out in nature.  We had mobile service so they were able to stay connected but mostly they hung outside with us.  They road bikes, walked to the beach, sat by the fire and had conversations. I love this about camping.  At home the older kids tend to hide in their bedrooms for extended periods of time. When we are camping they come outside even if it’s just to sit around.  And when it rained Sunday morning we had a nice awning to sit under and a great camper to keep the kids dry.

Camping also gives us opportunities to teach the kids new things and to get them to help out.  Cleaning up the site before we leave, putting things away, taking the dog for a walk, and even tearing down and getting the camper hooked up to the truck.  Hopefully by the time they are old enough they will be able to do this all by themselves.


Family Camping

Every year, for the past 16 or 17 years I have spent the second weekend in July camping with Scott’s family.  We spent this trip at Bear Lake Campground in Manawa, WI.  The campground is located on a full wake lake and a short drive to the Iola Old Car Show and Swap Meet, which the guys spend two or three days at.  This year Scott came back with an awning for our pop up- which sure beats the grey tarp we have been using.

After having to walk up to the park with my two oldest children everytime they wanted to play I teamed up with my sister-in-law to get everyone to move to sites closer to the park.  Best move ever.  We can now watch the kids play from our sites.  We are also right next to the big open field where there has been many a kickball or baseball game, water gun fight, horseshoe game and yes even grown adults playing in hamster balls.


The lake is shallow for quite some distance which can be stressfull when the little ones wonder out to far, but is great fun for the big kids.  The camp store has hand scooped ice cream and ice cream treats, inexpensive candy and they rent row boats, kayaks, and paddle boats.

But the kids may enjoy their night swim the most.  I told them this year that you had to be 10- I will regret that in 2 years when my 8 year old remembers that I said that.


Traditionally on Sat we have walking tacos for dinner.  Everyone always brings something and we make it a big group effort.  Always a struggle to find the individual packages of Fritos but we always do.  We also usually do some sort of craft or project. Last year we did a scavenger hunt.  Before that we colored white t shirts or fabric with fabric markers.  This year we decided to step back to our youth and tye dye.  It went surprising smooth.  The older kids went first and then the younger.  Everyone had so much fun the older kids even helped the younger ones.  We used t shirts, pillow cases, boxer shorts, headbands, pieces of cloth, and tote bags.  Lots of different patterns and everything looked great.  We filled buckets with warm water salt and the tye and used cups to dump it onto the fabric letting it run back into the bucket.  Not as fancy as all the new squeeze bottle kits you see but went a lot farther and worked great.  We set everything out for about 45 minutes cut the rubber bands and washed and dried on a short cycle at the camp store.  Then the kids all got decked out in their new apparel and called themselves the TD gang.


We have a nightly bonfire with many conversations and smores.  Someone always falls asleep in front of it.  Rumor has the last ones came in this in around 5 am.  Not this night owl.  I loved the excuse on Sat that my baby needed me to lay with her.


Everyone stays for a different amount of time.  My middle guy stays with grandma and my youngest is never happy she has to go for dance.  A long weekend in a pop up tripping over everyone’s stuff and crawling over everything to get into bed is enough for me. Maybe its time to upgrade.

The Road Less Traveled

Part of the fun in planning our next road trip for me is mapping it out.  Even if it’s the same route we usually take I look at the map tons of times before we go.  What time should we leave?  If we drive 5 hours how far will we get?  Are there any decent hotels to stop at?  Lucky for me Panama City Beach is in the pan handle of Florida and there are options.

I have an uncle that lives in Florida and one that spends the winter there.  They both swear by the road less traveled.  So instead of taking the recommended route this time I convinced my husband that we should try their way.  They make the trip even more than we do so they must be on to something, right?

So even though Google, Garmin, Apple maps and AAA all said the best route would be I65 through Indianapolis we took I57 through Illinois.  We left after work and hoped to get to Champaign, Il.  One traffic back up around Chicago and a lot of construction later we were almost there.  However once you are out of Chicago there are very few hotels on the highway (or restaurants or gas stations), most are several miles off the highway closer to the city itself.  At 11:00 PM that is not an option for us so we ended up at one of the two we did find.

We stay at a lot of hotels, some nice and some ok.  I don’t think I would have classified this one as either.  Old, dirty, stinky and the free breakfast table reminded me of the 80’s- a loaf a bread, some prepackaged muffins, a couple of oranges and an over ripe banana.  Thankfully there was coffee.  The saying you get what you pay for played over and over in my head.  On the plus side it was late and the kids couldn’t really see what they were walking into.

We headed out the next morning and took the more traveled path once reaching Nashville.  That being said it is still a lesser traveled road from Montgomery to Panama City Beach than we would take to Orlando.  They kids asked more than once if we were going up north.  Lots of two lane highways that were lined with trees. We even ended up behind a tractor at one point.  Very pretty scenery but not a freeway and not necessarily where you want to stop for a bathroom break- but it was only a 3 hour drive that morning so we didn’t have to stop. Oh and country highways lead to even more options.  Do we take this way or that.  One friend texted and said do not take the way we took, another said the same thing.  So what did we do?  Ignored the Garmin telling us to turn around and google maps telling us to turn here and pulled out the map.  Yes the map, a real paper map that I had to fold so I could hold in my hand and focus on the small part that we were traveling through.  We took the highway that the billboard we past said was the fasted route to the beach.  So just like Kermit and Fozzie Bear we drove by map.


Montgomery, AL does also have a lot more hotel options that were on our route.  We stayed at a very nice LaQuinta just outside of Montgomery in Prattville, www.laquintaprattville.com.

We got to the resort early and the rooms were not ready because of the high number of check ins that day- but that’s a story for another day…I’m glad we tried the new route, since I have wanted to for quite some time.  But from now on I believe that we will stay on the recommended path.